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Now that summer is gone and winter is slowly settling in, I’ve replaced my swim with an extra power walk in the evenings.

Today I was late for it as we had decided on fish for dinner, so Mu toddled off to the the old Saturday Market where the fish sellers still trade. Mu has Leverek (Sea Bass) and I have Chupra (Sea Bream) – The man at the shop sends it along to the man with the grill a few doors along and it comes home cooked, in polystyrene boxes, with another box filled with chopped and dressed salad. Delicious.

By the time we had eaten and I’d let my dinner ‘go down,’ it was dark outside. Summer has taken off for a little holiday elsewhere and winter is settling in which means, tourists have left in their droves and the back roads I use are pretty dark and lifeless. Murat deems me mad and says it’s too late. I ignore him and lace up my trainers:

“If you’re that worried, come with me” I say, not believing for one minute that he will….Murat is the type that will drive around the block if there is not a space exactly outside the shop he wants to go into!

When he extracts his limbs from the sofa cushions, stands up and gets his jacket, I think he is joking. He’s not.

Wearing jeans, jumper and jacket, he then opens the front door and picks a pair of loafers from the shoe shop that is our doorstep. I half-heartedly mention that he should wear spor ayakkabi, but I know I’m wasting my breath.

Even before we are out of our gate he is telling me to slow down. “But that’s the whole point.” I tell him.

We set off. Him with a fag in his mouth.

When we get to the bottom of the first road, he goes to turn right. This would simply take us around the block. I make him go left. He is horrified.

My walk consists of an uphill start, twenty minutes on the flat and an uphill home run. This Murat says is the wrong way to do it.  In his expert opinion, I should walk around the block ten or so times which would take the same amount of time and if I got tired, I could just go home. Well, there’s logical!

It’s an entertaining twenty minutes. He does army walking for a bit, but soon gets bored of that, then he asks if we can call a taxi. Other than that, he just keeps calling me crazy.

My next walk will be around 8:30am tomorrow morning and while I will enjoy the weak sun on my face and the fresh air, I think I may miss laughing so much!