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So, a friend of mine contacts me last week and says

“I want to start a blog, can you help me?”

I say of course I can.

Today, around lunchtime, she turns up with her tablet.

I make coffee and we chit chat before we get cracking. I’m thinking two hours tops……

It’s 8:45pm when she leaves my house – It takes her 20 minutes to get from the living room to the front door. Some of that time she is bending down to put on her shoes, searching for her cardigan (which is right in front of her), checking around for the phone that is actually in her hand and talking ten to the dozen. She flits between subjects as she goes; “the strange items in her Dad’s garage” – “ the last time she washed her bike” – “the view from her friend Keith’s duplex”. Yes Sarah does like to chew the fat, shoot the breeze, talk for England, if you will. I don’t actually mind as I find it all rather entertaining. For a well educated, well read woman, this little ditzy blonde chatterbox comes out with some blinders……. Like the time she was talking about “Jason and the Astronauts” (yes really) and my all-time favourite, her belief that all dolmus drivers in Turkey are called Ahmet…..I’ll explain that shall I?

If you have ever been on a Turkish dolmus, you will know that the bus boy, when he has ensured everyone is on the bus, shouts out to the driver “Devam et” which means “Go on” – This said rather lazily can, to foreign ears, sound like Ahmet. Of course, that does not excuse the fact that she thought the name Ahmet was a prerequisite for applying for the job.

Bearing all of that in mind, I think her blog will be quite entertaining don’t you?

She can be found at: www.theturkishfightingcat.wordpress.com